5 Winter Tips for Your Home Exterior

Time to Winterize Your Home's Exterior

Ready or not, here comes winter. As you're battening down to get ready, don't forget to give your home's exterior some attention. A winter checkup will help your house prepare for winter's winds, ice, and snow. With your home nice and snug, you'll stay warm and save money on repairs and energy bills. 

Where do you start? With a qualified, professional contractor who can check out your house from top to bottom, focusing on five key areas.

1. Roofing

Is your roof ready to take on the added weight of snow? Can it stand up to melting ice and heavy gusts? These things can cause serious damage to your roof, leaving it subject to roof leaks

  • Check the flashing, shingles, and vents.
  • If you need to clear debris, do it now.
  • Replace any damaged shingles and close all leaks.

One final tip: Don't do roofing work yourself. Falls from roofs are a leading cause of injuries and death in construction work, and wet, windy days will only make it more dangerous up there. Leave this job to the pros.

2. Windows

Windows are one of the leading causes of drafts that will make your house cold and run up your energy bills. Save money and stay cozy by following these tips.

  • Install storm windows.
  • Replace the caulk and weather stripping.
  • Replace windows that are cracked or don't shut properly.
  • If you still have single-pane windows, upgrade to double or triple panes.

A professional contractor like Last Call Exteriors can install replacement windows that will seal tight and make your home twice as energy-efficient.

3. Gutters

Like your roof, gutters can become dangerously weighed down with snow, wind, and rain. Before that happens, clean them of any debris and check them for cracks or weak spots.

Clean, well-secured gutters are key to maintaining your home's safety as well as an attractive appearance. A professional inspection and repair will keep your gutters in good shape.

4. Doors

Like your windows, your doors can lose huge amounts of energy if they're improperly sealed or insulated. That's warm air out of your house and money out of your pocket. Use these ideas to get your doors winter-ready.

  • Install storm doors for protection, insulation, and good looks.
  • Examine the doorframe for signs of rot or cracking.
  • If your door isn't closing properly, replace it instead of trying to stop the gaps with insulation or caulk.

5. Decks

Get your decks, patios and other outside areas ready for cold weather. Securing handrails and other boards will lessen the chance that they'll get swept away.

  • Sweep up any leaves or other debris to prevent mildew.
  • Replace any loose or damaged boards.
  • Give your deck a protective coating to seal and waterproof it.

Last Call for Winter

If it's time to repair or replace your roofing, windows, gutters, siding or doors this winter, it's time for Last Call Exteriors. As a leading home improvement company, we promise:

  • Top-notch work performed by licensed and insured professionals.
  • Outstanding workmanship and high-quality products.
  • All work performed to local code.
  • Plans and estimates geared to your needs and your budget.
  • Honesty and integrity in everything we do.

If you're tired of home improvement contractors who give you the runaround or won't deal with you fairly, it's time to call Last Call Exteriors. It's time to discover why we're fast becoming one of the top contractors in Leesburg and Ashburn area.