Common Skylight Repairs

How to Prevent Common Skylight Problems

Skylights add a wonderful look to any room. They give you natural light. They bring the outdoors into your home in a beautiful, dramatic way. Adding skylights is a favorite upgrade for most homeowners. It also the tops most buyers' list of advantages when they're looking for a home.

Skylights are generally low-maintenance. They are built to last many years without breaking or other problems. On the other hand, they can develop problems like any window can.

Expert Skylight Repair

Skylight repairs require specific expertise from experienced contractors. If you've noticed problems with your skylight, contact Last Call Exteriors for a consultation. Climbing up on a roof is always a risky endeavor. Let our experienced crew do it for you.

What are some common skylight problems? Following are the ones we see most frequently among our customers.

Leaky Skylight

Almost all skylight leaks result from weak or broken flashing. Flashing is the metal flap that lines a skylight to protect it from rain and moisture. When it works properly, the flashing serves to divert water away from the edges of the skylight.

If the flashing isn't solid or has shifted, water starts to build up along the edges of your skylight pane. Over time, this water starts to make its way through the gaps in the sealing. You could end up with water leaking through the edges of your skylight pane.

Once you find a leak in your skylight, you have three possible options for fixing it:

  • Use weather stripping or caulking around the edges of the skylight.

  • Seal the flashing again.

  • Replace the flashing.

Broken Skylight Glass

Most skylights are manufactured with heavy-duty glass that resists rain, wind and fierce weather. Occasionally, skylight windows can crack or break. This is especially true of skylights in older homes that were not manufactured with today's tougher standards.

If you have a broken skylight pane, you can replace it with a new glass one or a lightweight, shatter-resistant plastic pane.

Jammed Skylight

Are you having trouble opening your skylight? Some of them use a manual gear to crank the pane open. If it's not working, it could have jammed or broken gears. Have a reputable contractor check it out.

If your skylight uses an automatic gear, jamming could be a sign of electrical problems. A skylight inspection will identify the source of the problem.

Dirty Skylight

It's not easy to keep your skylight clean, but doing so will give you years of worry-free enjoyment. You should schedule a yearly cleaning of your skylight that includes polishing the pane and sweeping away leaves and other debris that collect around it.

Stop Skylight Problems Before They Start

Keep your skylight in great condition with a yearly inspection. Call a contractor who's experienced in roof repairs and window installation. A yearly inspection will spot slow leaks, weakness in the glass or problems with the installation.

Call Us for Expert Skylight Installation and Repairs

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