About UV Protection for Windows

Protect Your Home from Damaging UV Rays

The sun can damage more than your skin. Unfiltered ultraviolet (UV) light can damage your home's wood floors, artwork and furnishings. If you want to protect your home while enjoying the sunlight, you need UV protection on your windows.

Why You Need UV Protection

You love the look of sunlight filling a room. If you have a beautiful view from a window, you want to enjoy it in full, natural light.

There are some drawbacks to that sunlit room. The sun's UV rays can be extremely harsh to your furnishings. They dry out fabrics and leather. They fade colors on textiles, artwork, carpets, hardwood floors and curtains.

They can also hold heat, defeating your efforts to keep your house cool. If one or more rooms get a lot of light, consider taking measures to protect your home.

How to Block Damaging UV Light

There are several good ways to minimize the amount of UV light that comes into your home. These vary by cost, ease of installation and longevity.

Shades and Curtains

Shades and drapery can help you block the sun's rays. You can buy light-blocking curtains that help insulate your room in addition to blocking the sun. Your choices include wooden shutters, awnings, curtains and blinds.


  • They are inexpensive.

  • They're easy to install.

  • You can buy them in a range of attractive designs and colors that blend well with your decor.


  • They block sunlight and views.

  • You have to constantly adjust them.

  • They don't provide much insulation.

Specialty UV Film

Window film can block up to 80% of UV rays and heat. It is an excellent way to protect your home from damaging light.

Don't confuse modern window film with old-fashioned, tinted window film that adds a dark cast to a room. Today's film adds an invisible shield that blocks light and heat without spoiling the sunlit look you love.


  • It can be made to fit any shape and size of window.

  • It provides excellent insulation.

  • It blocks damaging rays while allowing natural light into the room.


  • It requires professional installation.

  • You won't get as much privacy as you would with blinds or drapes.

  • It doesn't provide sound insulation.

New Windows with UV Filters

Replacement windows now come with UV filters already embedded in the glass. When choosing a new window, look for low-emissivity (low-e) glass coating. Low-e glass contains a thin layer of metallic oxide layer inside the glazing. This layer blocks heat transfer and can reduce energy loss up to 50%. You can find new windows with advanced energy-efficiency features that add to your savings.


  • New windows are a durable, long-term solution.

  • They require little maintenance.

  • Some advanced window designs block up to 99% UV rays.

  • New windows also provide sound insulation and storm protection.


  • New windows must be professionally installed.

  • You will still need shades or drapes for privacy.

Keep the View While You Block the Sun

With the right window choices, you can enjoy sunlight and beautiful views without worrying about damage to your artwork and furnishings. Last Call Exteriors can help you choose products that will cut your energy use and save you money. Call us today to learn more about energy-saving solutions for your home.