What are Dual Pane Windows?

5 Reasons to Switch to Double-Paned Windows

New windows brighten up your home, increase its resale value and help you lower your energy bills. If you've decided that it's time to replace your windows, you might have thought about upgrading to double-paned ones. There are many benefits to double-paned windows, and new features have made them even more energy-efficient and durable than ever. 

What Are They?

Single-paned windows have just one sheet of glass inserted into the window frame. You rarely see these in today's homes, so if your house still has them, it's definitely time for an upgrade.

Double-paned windows have two sheets of glass inserted into the frame. The space between the frames is usually filled with air or argon gas. 

The air traps heat or cold from the outside and keeps it from entering your home. This allows homes with double-paned windows to stay at a comfortable temperature all year long.

Reasons to Choose Double-Paned Windows

Replacing windows can be an expensive endeavor, so be sure you've covered all your bases when making a selection. Here are five good reasons to choose double-paned windows.

1. Energy savings. This is the main reason to buy them. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that double-paned windows can shave 24% off your winter heating bill and 18% off your air-conditioning bill. If you choose windows with additional energy-efficiency features, you could save as much as 30% to 50% on those bills. That's a great way to go green and save some money.

2. Storm protection. If you're tired of putting up storm windows every winter, double-paned windows can help. Their double panes and strong construction offer excellent protection against snow, hail, wind and rain.

3. Durability. Double-paned windows tend to be better-built and more durable than single-paned windows. New fiberglass, aluminum and steel frames make them strong and lightweight.

4. Lower fossil-fuel use. Using these windows lets you lower your reliance on fossil fuels. Double-paned windows with energy-efficient features are a green option. If you're planning to sell your house, remember that energy-efficient upgrades are high on many buyers' lists.

5. Noise insulation. Double-paned windows also provide more noise insulation than single-paned windows. The double layers of glass do an excellent job of blocking outside noise.

Cost Considerations

Double-paned windows are more expensive than single-paned ones, but most people find that the benefits are worth the extra cost. You'll also have to take the cost of installation into account. 

Is Argon Gas Better?

Windows filled with argon gas tend to cost slightly more than those filled with air. Here again, you get what you pay for.

  • Windows with argon gas are considered more energy-efficient than those that are filled with air.

  • Argon gas helps block the sun's ultraviolet rays.

  • Argon gas tends to provide better soundproofing.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Double-Paned Windows?

There are no real drawbacks to these windows, but if you want to get the full energy-savings benefits, you should update all the windows in the room. Eventually, you should replace all of the old windows in the house. 

Good Installation Is Key

The most important part of a window is the installation. The best-made, most advanced window you can buy won't do you any good if improper installation leads to leaks, gaps and loose placement. 

Installation is especially important for windows filled with argon gas. If they're not properly sealed and installed, the argon gas will leak out and you'll lose all the benefits of the gas.

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