5 Signs of Roof Damage

Signs You Need a New Roof

A storm that tears out a big chunk of your roof is a pretty obvious sign that it's time to replace it. But are you missing smaller, more subtle signs of roof damage? In this post, we'll take a look at some common warning signs that your roof might need repair or replacement. 

Always remember that roofing is a job best left to professionals. You don't want to risk a dangerous fall or create more problems with an improper repair. When it's time to replace that damaged roof, call Last Call Exteriors for safe, expert installation. 

1. Damaged Shingles

 Examine your shingles on a sunny day so you can get a good look at them. Mold on shingles is common in high-humidity areas and usually isn't a cause for concern. But other signs of shingle damage should worry you. 

If they've lost their pebbly "granules" or have started curling away from the roof, that's a sign that they're either damaged or defective. Many things can cause shingle damage, including storms and hail. Singles that look discolored could be waterlogged. All of these are signs that your roof needs professional help

2. Damp or Sagging Ceiling

If you're inside your house and you notice that the ceiling looks damp or sagging, this could indicate that water is building up inside your roof. Definitely have your roof looked at it you spot water entering your attic. 

Any kind of water damage is a sign that your roof could be dangerously weak. Always check out any leaks and damp spots by calling a professional roofing contractor. 

3. An Older Roof

 No roofing material is indestructible. If your house is older, the roof and shingles could be ready for replacement. Asphalt and composition shingles will last about 20 years, while wood shingles can last 15 to 20 years and tile can endure for 100 years. 

Keep in mind that some things can shorten the life of your shingles. Storm damage, especially from hail and ice, can cause permanent damage to your shingles. Improper installation can make them come loose. The roof shape is another factor. Flat roofs don't shake off the water as well as sloped roofs do and will have to be replaced sooner. 

4. Flashing

 Check the flashing along your roofline and around your chimney. If it's starting to look old and worn, it's time to have it replaced. Keep in mind that if your flashing has reached that point, it's probably time to fully repair or replace the roof. 

We don't recommend walking on a potentially weak roof. Always call a roofing expert who can climb up there safely and give you a thorough assessment of the situation. 

5. Air in the House

 Have you noticed unusual airflow in your house, even though the windows and doors are insulated? Cracks and leaks in the roof could be causing air to enter your home. You'll notice unexpected air currents and, in some cases, a soft blowing or whistling sound. 

When to Call an Expert

 If you're noticing any of these signs of roof damage, call a roofing professional to have the problem fixed before it gets worse. Roof problems won't go away and they can't be patched over. The only solution to a damaged, leaking roof is to replace it. 

Call Last Call Exteriors for an honest, thorough inspection that will outline all your options. We are roofing experts with many years of experience in roofing repair. We've worked hard to establish the trust we have with our many happy customers, and we'll work just as hard for you.