Tips on Adding Windows

Adding a New Window

A new window will give you a new outlook on life, or at least on the view from your home. Adding a window is an instant upgrade to any room that adds light, brightness, and beauty. But be careful. If you're thinking of doing it yourself, keep in mind that is a big job that takes careful planning and top-notch construction skills.

Why You Might Want a New Window

Upgrading your home. Some older homes were built with just a few small windows. Adding new windows will update and improve the look of your house.

Converting a room. If you're transforming a shed, garage or other structure into living space, a window is a good addition and may be a necessity. Some local codes require that any room converted to a bedroom have a window. 

Getting cross-ventilation. Windows strategically placed for cross-ventilation can lower your energy bill. Modern windows add to your energy savings with their improved insulation. Be sure to ask Last Call Exteriors about upgrading all your windows to new, energy-efficient models.

Lightening up. A dark, gloomy room will perk up with a window that lets in natural light and fresh air. 

Enjoying a view. If your home enjoys a beautiful outdoor view, take advantage of it by putting in a window. A window will let you enjoy your garden or keep an eye on your property without having to go outdoors.

Are You Ready?

The main thing to keep in mind is that creating a brand-new window is not a job for the faint of heart. It's not really a job for the average DIY homemaker, for that matter. It's a big job that will require hours of careful work.

Start with placement. Make sure your window is placed between the studs on your wall and that it's not going to cover any electrical panels, telephone lines or utility wiring. 

Cutting away. You'll have to measure carefully and cut extra carefully, going both from the inside and the outside walls. When cutting your hole, you need to make sure that you're making allowances for the trim and caulking too.

Ready to rip? You're going to end up tearing up a lot of your wall, including your drywall and siding. If you're cutting a window into a shed or mobile home, you won't have siding to cut through but you will have your own set of problems.

Is There a Better Way?

You can avoid the headaches and hours of wasted time you'll spend on this project by calling a professional contractor. You'll also save money that you would otherwise spend on repairing your walls, buying supplies, investing in cleanup products and buying a brand-new window because the one you have didn't fit or broke when you threw a hammer at it in frustration.

A contractor will ensure that your new window is properly sealed and guarantee that the installation is safe, secure and in accordance with local code. They'll take care of cleanup, repairs and all the other details you might overlook.

There's a better way. Call Last Call Exteriors and we'll get the job done neatly, professionally and with no hammers thrown.

Replace Your Current Windows

As you're thinking about new windows, give some thought to the ones you already have. Are your windows old and worn, with loose caulking or stripping? Do they stick when you try to open and close them?

Worn-out windows are unsafe and will drive your energy bills through the roof. Last Call Exteriors can replace them with modern, double- or triple-paned windows and storm windows. They'll seal your home tightly and protect it from wind, weather, bugs and wasted energy.

For window repair, installation or replacement, make Last Call your first call.