Front Door Upgrades

Buying a New Front Door

If your house isn't making the impression you want, consider adding a beautiful new door that will instantly elevate its value and appearance.

Do You Need a New Door?

Is your door looking dated? A new door is a quick upgrade that will make your whole house look better. 

A new door is also a necessity if:

  • Your door no longer shuts properly.
  • Bad weather has left your door damaged or splintering.
  • Your door has gaps and air leaks.

A new door is an investment in the good looks and security of your home. The right front door will repel bad weather, pests and other uninvited elements from getting into your house. 

What's the Best Material for a Door?

When you're thinking about buying a door, the most important consideration is the material it's made of. Like a roof, a door is a major investment in your house that will repay you for years. You can choose from several types of doors depending on your needs, your house style, and your budget.

Wood. Wood is the classic door material and few others can match its rich look. It comes in a huge variety of wood grains and colors. Wooden doors can be easily refinished, repainted and resized, making wood a versatile choice.

But wood is also affected by wetness and weather. A wooden door will need the protection of a good storm door and will also require refinishing or repainting every few years.

Fiberglass composite. This is an increasingly popular option because fiberglass is a durable material that's impervious to weather, rust, and rot. Fiberglass provides excellent insulation and is low maintenance.

Fiberglass doors used to come in a limited number of styles, but as they have grown in popularity, manufacturers have responded with fiberglass doors that mimic the looks, colors and style options of wooden doors.

Steel. Steel doors are the most durable and the best choice if your top concern is security. A steel door is almost impossible to break into. They're also a good choice in humid climates because unlike wood, they won't expand or contract and always open smoothly. As a downside, steel can rust and steel doors are not considered as visually appealing as wooden doors.

Make a Great Impression

Glass panels offer a chance for extra light to seep in and also add eye-catching appeal to your entry. Leaded glass or glass blocks add elegance and durability, while smoked glass panels give you privacy. Most standard doors come in a model that includes glass panels, so if you want them, be sure to let your contractor know.

Hardware is a small detail that can make or break your door's looks. If you like the door but aren't crazy about the door pull or other accessories, ask your contractor to switch out the hardware. It's a simple, inexpensive fix that will transform the look of your door.

Staining, painting or refinishing the door are other options to personalize the door with your own style.

Decorative elements like stained-glass inserts, fanlights or painted panels are all among the many design touches you can add to make your door truly your own. 

How to Choose?

Ask your contractor about the best door for your needs. At Last Call Exteriors, we can provide expert guidance on choosing the door style, material and other elements that will give you what you need in terms of décor, security and weather resistance. 

Choosing a door can be overwhelming, but we're here to help. We'll also walk you through the installation and maintenance of your beautiful new door. At Last Call Exteriors, we know how important it is to have a front door that helps you greet the world with style.