Choosing a Roofing Contractor

Top 5 Tips for Choosing a Roofing Contractor

If the bad weather has you worried about the roof over your head, it might be time to hire a professional roofing contractor in Leesburg, Ashburn or greater Loudoun County. 

Your roof is important and so is choosing the right contractor. Here are five top tips for doing just that.

1. Don't Get Taken

Roofing and driveways seem to be the home repairs that draw the most unscrupulous fraudsters. These crooks figure that most people aren't very knowledgeable about the right way to fix a roof, so they're easy to fool. Insurance companies state that hundreds of people every year are taken in by phony roofing contractors.

Don't be a statistic. Insist on seeing a contractor's license or at least the license number. 

Licensed contractors go through a rigorous testing, screening and background check and can also be held liable for any damage to your home. Check with your state licensing board to see that the license is active and the contractor is in good standing.

2. Don't Go Low

Roofing repairs are probably the costliest of all home repairs. That's because roofing work is dangerous and requires specialized tools and knowledge. Roofing materials are expensive and roof repair is a labor-intensive process.

While you don't want to get ripped off, you also don't want to try to get it done on the cheap. If you get a bid that's a lot lower than the others, you might wonder what you're getting for that price. The National Roofing Contractors' Association says that a low roofing bid is usually the sign of a job that will use shoddy materials and be rushed, leaving you with an even bigger problem that you'll have to spend even more money to fix.

3. Go Local

For a big repair like roofing, it's wise to go with a local company. You need someone with solid references and a known reputation in the community. You'll be able to get referrals from people in your city or neighborhood. And you know you'll be dealing with a company that won't disappear into thin air when it's time to call for a warranty repair.

To investigate the company's reputation, verify their address and contact information with the state licensing bureau or the local chamber of commerce. Check their ratings and reviews on sites like the BBB and Angie's List. 

Avoid fly-by-night "storm chasers" who show up after a big weather event and try to pressure you into getting an estimate for your roof repairs. Take your time and get estimates from a respected local contractor.

4. Get a Contract

Housing-repair guru Bob Vila stresses that you should get a written contract that outlines the scope of work along with information about:

  • estimated schedule of repairs;
  • haul-out and cleanup;
  • disposal of materials;
  • worker's compensation;
  • the contractor's liability insurance.

5. Don't DIY It

Even if you're knowledgeable about home repairs, roofing is a specialized skill. Roofers have developed highly technical knowledge about the right products, placement, and repairs of all types of roofs, whether shingle, shake, composite, clay or steel. 

Roofing work is also dangerous, especially in windy or wet weather. Let an experienced professional with the right safety equipment do the job.

Bonus Tip: Make Your Last Call

Don't let roofing worries go to your head. When it's time to call a local roofing contractor in Leesburg, Ashburn or greater Loudoun County, it's time to call Last Call Exteriors. After you've been let down by the others, discover a roofing contractor that specializes in honesty, integrity and quality workmanship.