All About Copper Gutters & Downspouts

Five Facts About Copper Gutters

IF you’ve seen the movie Moonshine, you may have heard the little speech where the plumber rhapsodizes about copper being the finest type of plumbing material. There's everything else, he says, and then there's copper. 

Well, copper is also one of the best materials you can use for your gutters. Just as in plumbing, copper in gutters is a superior material that will save you time and money over the long term. If you haven't heard much about copper gutters and downspouts, you might be surprised at what you learn. 

1. Copper Lasts Forever

 If your steel or aluminum gutters are properly installed and maintained, you can expect them to last about 20 years. That sounds good until you consider that copper gutters last much longer. On average, copper gutters that are properly installed and maintained will last over 100 years

Copper doesn't rust, get mildewed or rot. It's low-maintenance and maintains its integrity through any type of weather. Copper gutters have lasted in climates that range from subtropical heat to arctic cold. 

2. Copper Provides Lasting Beauty

 Copper doesn't rot or rust but it does undergo a weather-related change called oxidation. Oxidation describes the process that occurs when the copper is exposed to air and water. It develops a protective coat called a patina. 

This patina will change the copper's color over time. It will start out bright and shiny and then go to a dark brown, then deep purple and finally to the deep green color that you see on many older buildings with copper elements. Oxidation is not rust. The resulting green is noticeable and quite beautiful, especially against natural elements like stone and brick. 

3. Copper Gutters are Low-Maintenance

 Copper gutters do a better job of protecting your home from water damage. Copper is impermeable and you'll find that you need to do less maintenance than you do on steel, aluminum or vinyl gutters. 

You still have to make sure your gutters aren't clogged. Regular cleaning by a licensed contractor is the best way to keep your gutters running clear. 

4. Copper is Soldered, Not Sealed

 If you're going to install copper gutters, you should use copper in your entire gutter system including the downspouts. They will work together to keep water away from your house. 

One of the reasons that copper systems work well is that they are essentially seamless. Other gutter systems have to be sealed together. Even with the best sealants, there will always be a seam. By contrast, the joints in copper gutters and downspouts are soldered. That's the same reason that copper plumbing is superior to many other plumbing materials. 

5. Copper is a Proven Choice

 Because copper is so durable and long-lasting, it does not need to be replaced as often as other building materials. Copper is energy-efficient, lightweight and an excellent thermal conductor. 

Copper has been used as in construction for centuries. The ancient Egyptians used copper to build doors and the ancient Romans used it to build roofs. Copper roofs installed hundreds of years ago still stand intact today. Copper has proven itself as a reliable, durable and visually appealing choice that blends well with any home design. 

Installing Copper Gutters

 If you're interested in the low-maintenance beauty and durability of copper gutters, your next step is to contact a professional contractor with experience in gutter installation. 

At Last Call Exteriors, we specialize in installing, repairing and cleaning gutter systems. We can help you make the right choice whether you're installing a system for the first time or replacing the one you have. We offer decades of experience and award-winning customer service. Call us today and discover whether copper gutters are right for you.