Home Exterior Winter Damage & Repair

Winter Warning

Winter can be brutal to your home's exterior. Here in the Leesburg area, we've seen more than our share of winter's worst, and it's not over yet. If you want to keep your house warm and dry, now is the time for an inspection that will help you spot small problems before they become big ones. 

Windows and Doors

After a heavy battering of wind, your windows and doors could be shaken loose. Check the insulation. It's likely that you'll have to replace the caulking. Check the weep holes on your windows to make sure they're not clogged.

With windows and doors, proper installation is the key to a safe, leak-proof fit. If your windows aren't closing properly, consider replacing them with new storm windows and storm doors. 

Patios and Walkways

Freezing temperatures followed by thawing can wreak havoc on your concrete or masonry. You might see cracks in your driveway or walkways. Examine your patio and your outside chimney. Grout might be cracking or stones and bricks could be coming loose in a condition called "spalling."

Don't wait for spring to make these repairs. The cracking and spalling will just get worse as winter plows on. Get them fixed now so they'll be ready for the warmer weather ahead.

If you don't have pavers in your yard, consider getting some installed. They'll help direct water from melting snow into the ground.

Gutters and Downspouts

Wind and rain can leave your gutters clogged with leaves, branches, and dirt. Clogged gutters will allow water to flow onto your roof and under your shingles, leading to leaks. Water that freezes in your gutters can make them so heavy that they'll break off from the roof.

Check your downspouts. They might be showing some wear and tear. Make sure your downspouts are diverting water away from your house, preferably down a hill. You don't want that water leaking into your basement.

These are fast, simple fixes that will save you a lot of worries and money down the road. Call a Leesburg or Ashburn contractor who'll take care of all these winter repairs for you.


If your gutters are clogged, they can't drain water away from your roof. Add to that the beating that your roof takes with every storm and you might have major problems right over your head.

Your roof takes on the most abuse during winter. It holds snow that eventually melts, so make sure you have clean, working gutters to deal with all that snow melt. Your roof also gets a beating from wind, hail, and rain. After a storm, it's a good idea to have the roof checked to ensure that the flashing is solid and there are no loose shingles.

Climbing up on a roof in the wintertime is not much fun. It's also very dangerous, so leave this job to the pros.

Make the Call

 Don't let winter storms do a number on your home's exterior. With a professional inspection and the right repairs, your house can be sealed up tight against the worst that winter brings. 

When you need an expert, professional repairs, and installation, call Last Call Exteriors. We have the know-how and experience to get your windows, doors, roofing, siding, and gutters in shape and ready for every season.